Sardarov Theft Acquittal

Darren Snow, instructed by Mark Brown of Brysons Solicitors, represented Rowena Rosita in this high-profile trial at Southwark Crown Court. After Darren’s cross examination of the key prosecution witnesses, including Mr Timor Sardarov himself, the Crown were forced to abandon the prosecution of Rosita.

The case involved the theft and pawning of over £300,000 of high value watches over a period of 18 months, several worth around £65,000 each. The watches had been stolen by Rosita’s close friend time, Charisse Montes, from Sardarov, who had been Montes’s employer. The evidence when tested in cross examination suggested that watches were removed by Montes to be pawned and redeemed on a regular basis without Sardarov realising. An extensive undercover police investigation also revealed the involvement of a pawn shop in Soho, run by Co Defendant, Mattia Dal-Pont, actively handling stolen goods. Rosita faced charges under POCA for converting criminal property having allegedly knowingly been used to pawn the stolen watches by Montes. She was found Not Guilty of all charges. Timor Sardarov is the son of high profile Russian billionaire Rashid Sardarov.

Her Co Defendants, Montes and Dal-Pont, having pleaded guilty to Theft, POCA and “Handling” charges are awaiting sentence.

Read the story in The Sun, published as the trial was in progress.

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