No Case to Answer for Care Home Manager

No Case to Answer for Care Home Manager

Megan Fletcher, instructed by Harjinder Saundh of Thompsons Solicitors, represented a registered nurse before the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Their client had been the General Manager of a care home in 2010, when a resident under the home’s care developed pressure sores and later passed away from respiration pneumonia in hospital.

The registrant faced 5 charges relating to her management of the home and oversight of the care provided to one particular resident. It was alleged that her lack of oversight and management contributed to the resident’s death. The matter took almost nine years to come before the Nursing and Midwifery Council, where it was alleged that her fitness was impaired by reason of her misconduct.

This was a case involving a significant volume of papers and expert evidence. Megan was also provided with substantial material by her client, and was able to comb through it to provide evidence to the panel supporting her client’s case.

Megan was complimented by her client and by the Legal Assessor for the way in which she dealt with the NMC’s expert witnesses, leading to significant concessions in their evidence. Members of the resident’s family also gave evidence for the NMC, and Megan dealt with each of them carefully and swiftly- putting her case without traumatising a grieving family. She also made carefully constructed submissions at fact stage, all of which led to 3 of the 5 charges being found not to have been proved on the balance of probabilities. Of particular note was that the alleged contribution to death was found not to have been proved.

Megan went on to deal with the misconduct and impairment stage of proceedings on the remaining 2 charges. Megan’s succinct and persuasive submissions led to a finding of no misconduct on either charge. After nine years, Megan’s client is now free to practise without carrying the burden of the allegations levied against her.

Megan is well known for her personable, yet no-nonsense style, her thorough preparation and her persuasive advocacy style. She is pleased to accept instructions regulatory matters before the NMC, HCPC and other professional regulatory bodies.