Disciplinary and Regulatory Law Rankings in Legal 500.

Disciplinary and Regulatory Law Rankings in Legal 500.

Charter Chambers has once again been acknowledged in the Legal 500 category “Professional Disciplinary and Regulatory Law”

Those recognised by their peers and briefing solicitors in this category are:

Thomas Buxton

Dr. Mary-Teresa Deignan

Claire Robinson

Roderick James

Oliver Renton

Laura Bayley

Quoting the Legal 500:

Charter Chambers‘ ‘very experienced‘ members are well known for their strong relationship with the Royal College of Nursing and a solid track record in nursing disciplinary cases; however, the group is also adept in handling instructions from the dental, pharmaceutical, and optical professional, among other areas. Of note, Laura Bayley successfully defended a regional manager of a group of care homes against nine charges of alleged failure to report and investigate allegations of abuse; the defendant was acquitted on submissions of no case to answer on all charges.