Darren Snow secures acquittal for his client in Essex Cannabis Factory case

Darren Snow secures acquittal for his client in Essex Cannabis Factory case

Darren Snow, instructed by Rehana Khanam, Central Law Practice Solicitors, represented Gabriel McSween at Chelmsford Crown Court this month in his trial regarding alleged involvement in a £2.5 million cannabis production in Braintree, Essex in 2017. He was arrested alongside 3 Co Defendants in March 2017 at the site in a police raid which uncovered a largescale commercial cannabis farm. McSween was the only defendant to maintain a not guilty plea to trial.  Cell site evidence placed him at the site with his Co Defendants for over 10 days and DNA on a water bottle linked him to one of 3 large indoor growing rooms inside the converted warehouse. In evidence McSween explained he was there only to keep an eye on his friend, one of his Co-Defendants, who had originally rented the premises for a furniture business but under financial pressure had allowed it to be taken over by an Albanian gang to set up a cannabis farm. He explained that his friend was trying to get the cannabis production removed, was being threatened and had pleaded with McSween to go along as protection when his friend went to confront those running the cannabis farm. Whilst accepting he was present McSween maintained he had no involvement in the cannabis production operation. His friend, who had already pleaded guilty to his part in the cannabis production, gave evidence at the trial for McSween. The jury were out for just under an hour before delivering a unanimous verdict of Not Guilty. McSween’s Co-Defendants all received prison sentences for their part in the operation.

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