Charter fundraising for Disaster Emergency Committee's East Africa Appeal

Since 2014 a number of members of Charter have travelled to Somaliland to work with the Horizon Institue in Hargeisa carrying out DFID funded justice sector reform supporting various institutions including the Ministry of Justice, the Attorney General’s Office, the Law Reform Commission, the Custodial Corps, the High Judicial Council and the National Human Rights Commission.

Members who have travelled to provide training have included Nicholas Rhodes QC, the late David Batcup, Alex Dos SantosChloe Barton, David WoodPeter Melleney and Grace Pelly

The Disaster Emergency Committee have stated the following in respect of East Africa – 

“Drought and conflict have left 16 million people on the brink of starvation and in urgent need of food, water and medical treatment. People are already dying in South Sudan and Somalia.

In Kenya, the government has declared a national emergency and Ethiopia is battling a new wave of drought following the strongest El Nino on record.

Women, children and older people are suffering the most; more than 800,000 children under five are severely malnourished. Without immediate treatment, they are at risk of starving to death. 

DEC member charities are already delivering life-saving assistance in all affected countries. But, they need more money to help reduce the scale and severity of the crisis.”

The UN have recognised this as the biggest humanitarian crisis since 1945.

Having carried out consultancy work in Somaliland, we are particularly keen to help ensure that much needed aid reaches this region. 

On Saturday 15th April Charter members Chloé Barton, Grace Pelly and David Wood will be abseiling down the ArcelorMIttal Orbit in the Stratford Olympic Park. At 262 feet (roughly 26 storeys) that is the highest freefall abseil in the UK! Peter Melleney will be attending as self-appointed coach, photographer and substitute. All donations are gratefully recieved – justgiving 

Somaliland was a former British Protectorate until 1960 when it merged with the former Italian colony of Somalia. Following civil war in the 1980’s Somaliland then ceded from Somalia on 18 May 1991, a few months after the fall of Said Barre’s regime. Somaliland is now a self-governing democracy. It remains unrecognised by the international community.

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