Brent Martin secures acquittal in “racist" tube attack

Brent Martin secures acquittal in “racist" tube attack

Brent Martin secured an acquittal in a case that had received widespread coverage in the media and online, instructed by Bullivant Law. The defendant had been accused of a racist/religiously aggravated attack on a Muslim girl at Baker Street station by allegedly grabbing head headscarf and attempting to pull it off. The defendant denied ever touching the complainant in any way, and his case was that the allegation was fabricated because he – a white male, was defending his partner – a black African female, from racist abuse from the complainant and her two friends who had made derogatory remarks about them being in an interracial relationship. One of the witnesses was even said to have commented that “white people need to evolve”. The complainant and witnesses denied they had started the abuse or that they were prejudiced against white men; but the defence case relied strongly on social media examination of the complainant and her friends, who were witnesses, to demonstrate that they had made numerous racist and derogatory remarks about “white people” on Twitter in the weeks  leading up to the alleged incident, which then supported the defence case that they were the instigators of the racist abuse. Brent was instructed because of his extensive understanding and experience of social media and the way it works and he deployed the social media evidence to great effect in cross-examination.

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