Arts in the Criminal Justice System - January 16th

Arts in the Criminal Justice System - January 16th

“Without the Koestler Awards I would have had nothing in prison to show me that I can change, and that I could make a new future for myself. Hearing people say positive things about my work is a new experience and drives me to keep trying.” Koestler Awards entrant, 2018

Join us at Charter Chambers on the 16th of January at 6 PM to find out more about the transformative power of the arts in the criminal justice system with a talk by Sally Taylor, CEO of the UK’s leading prison arts charity Koestler Arts.

Since 1962, Koestler Arts has been encouraging creativity and purposeful activity in prison. We offer prisoners and detainees the chance to use their time constructively; build new skills and gain qualifications; and find a positive way to express themselves.

Through an annual award scheme which sees over 7,000 pieces of visual art, music and writing submitted by more than 3,500 prisoners, detainees and secure mental health patients, alongside employment and mentoring projects, exhibitions and artwork sales, Koestler Arts rewards achievement, builds self-confidence and broadens horizons. Join us to find out more about this work and the impact it can have on individuals involved in the criminal justice system.

All welcome, but please let Chambers Director Ian Payn know if you are planning to attend.