Nicholas Rhodes QC

Nicholas Rhodes QC

Year of Call: 1981
Inn of Court: Lincolns Inn

Nicholas Rhodes QC

Nicholas is Joint Head of Charter Chambers, a Recorder (Crown Court) and a highly regarded advocate experienced in business and regulatory crime, specialising in serious commercial fraud, bribery and corruption, financial crime, revenue offences, MTIC, money laundering and confiscation.

Considered approachable and client-friendly with a hard-hitting court style, his experience also includes murder, manslaughter and serious organised crime offences in trials conducted in the UK, Northern Ireland, and the Cayman Islands.

His practice includes advising and representing UK and overseas commercial organisations, legal and finance professionals, on corporate governance issues, regulatory compliance, Financial Services regulation, and corporate criminal liabilities from the earliest pre-litigation stage through the processes of investigation and in the event in the Courts or before the Regulators.

Nick Rhodes QC is ranked in Chambers and Partners 2018.

Significant Cases

Significant Serious Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Cases

  • R v. K & Others (Southwark) – Carousel and VAT fraud.
  • R v. S & Others (Southwark) – VAT and accounting fraud
  • R v. K (Southwark) – Politician accused of Fraud, Bribery and Corruption in construction and planning.
  • R v. H & Others (Nottingham) – SFO prosecution of senior city solicitor in magic circle firm for conspiracy to defraud, pervert the course of public justice and perjury in relation to the conduct of commercial litigation.
  • R v. T & Others (Norwich) – TS/FCA/ BIS prosecution of serious fraud and regulatory offences relating to operation of telemarketing and insurance companies in UK and abroad
  • R v. Daly  & Others (Southwark) – SFO prosecution of identity frauds and boiler room operations in Spain and Far-East.
  • R v. Brown (Leeds) –Private Investment and Personal Pensions Scheme fraud
  • R v. G & Others (Sheffield) – Recycling, landfill and waste disposal fraud
  • R v. Iqbal & Others (Leicester) – Serious fraud relating to the operation of  HMG Individual learner Account Scheme and Higher Education funding.
  • R v. G & Others (Southwark) – Operation Callaghan Identity fraud and MNO Gateway fraud, involving the use of stolen identity and credit details applied to SIMM cards adapted for use to obtain airtime in MNO Gateway devices.
  • R v. T & Others (Croydon) Op Octopod – Land-banking and Collective Investment Scheme fraud.
  • IPR Capital – Alleged fraudulent operation of investment scheme involving International Mining

Significant Homicide Cases

  • R v. Akram (Sheffield) – Murder by deaf defendant w/in the Leicester deaf community. The entire trial conducted in sign language with the assistance of intermediaries
  • R v. Anderson and Anderson (Reading) – Gangland/revenge knife-point murder in Newbury
  • R v. Anstice (St Albans) – Murder of ex-wife. Trial issues included issues of mental health
  • R v. Connors (Sheffield) – Revenge/murder after uninvited attendance at a house party.
  • R v. Cross and Others (Chelmsford) – Murder following false imprisonment, torture, beating and abandonment of a body.
  • R v. Dale (Oxford) – Murder, torture and mutilation of a woman lured to a caravan park. The trial included issues of mental health.
  • R v. Felisi (St Albans)  – Murder and mutilation of a work colleague.
  • R v. G (Sheffield) – Murder in the course of homophobic attack.
  • R v. Hinkler (Sheffield) – ‘One punch’ murder by amateur boxer in gang fight outside nightclub
  • R v. I (Birmingham) – Murder of woman in a frenzied knife attack.
  • R v. L (Sheffield) – Manslaughter of husband from single blow
  • R v. Mehmood (Sheffield) – Murder following the ritualised killing of a work colleague at Halal Abattoir.
  • R v. M and others (Sheffield) – Gangland murder within the Somali community by 13-year-old youth using sawn-off shotgun and others variously armed.
  • R v. Nelson (Birmingham) – Murder following torture of victim by beating, stabbing, asphyxiating and finally burning to death.
  • R v. O (Central Criminal Court)– Allegations of murder and unlawful act manslaughter in London street.
  • R v. Siddique (Central Criminal Court) – Unprovoked murder with a knife in street of a stranger.
  • R v. Taylor (Birmingham) – Gangland murder following ambush outside a nightclub in Birmingham City Centre
  • R v. Vincent &  others (Luton) – OCG commissioned murder of major gangland figure by ‘underworld enforcer’ using an AK47..
  • R v. W and others (Central Criminal Court) – Conspiracy to murder arising from falling out within international drug smuggling OCG.
  • R v. Wainwright (Teeside) – Unprovoked murder of work colleague.
  • R v. W and others (Sheffield) – OCG ambush and murder of criminal opponent using a firearm.
  • R v. Ebanks and others (Grand Cayman)– Murder of security guard in the course of robbery of the National Bank
  • R v. Robinson (Grand Cayman) – Gangland revenge murder in Grand Cayman

Significant Serious Sexual Offences Cases

  • R v. A (Snaresbrook) – Campaign of rape and sexual attacks upon 6 women on different occasions.
  • R v. M (Kingston) – Historic sexual abuse of boy and girl
  • R v. W (Liverpool) – Historic sexual abuse and grooming of numerous girls
  • R v. H (Guildford) – Rape of victim suffering severe learning difficulties by professional carer

Significant OCG Abduction, Kidnapping and Serious Drug Offences Cases

  • R v. Chrouch (Maidstone) – Gangland Kidnapping and torture with firearms
  • R v. Pewter (Wood Green) – Child abduction for sexual purposes
  • R v. Young and others (Blackfriars) – Gangland kidnapping and firearms.
  • R v. Hukum Dad (Southwark) – Northern Cyprus heroin smuggling ring
  • R v. O’Neill (Leicester) – National OCG drugs importation and distribution ring

Other notable/reported cases include

  • R v. Fields, Sanghani, Sagoo and Rajput (Court of Appeal) 2014 – Review of the authorities on confiscation and determining the proper approach to calculating the amount of a confiscation order and apportionment.
  • Phipps v. DPP Jamaica and Attorney General Jamaica (Privy Council) 2012 – Identification evidence and techniques, contamination and other procedural irregularities arising from the trial of a major Jamaican gangland figure.
  • R v. Ebanks and others (Caribbean Court of Appeal) – FS issues relating to gunshot residue, fragmentation and provenance and probity of SOC conclusions.
  • In Re Henry Hicks – Coroners Inquest into the death of a youth killed riding a moped in the course of a police chase in which the unauthorised conduct of police officers was a major contributing factor.
  • QC (2008)
  • LL.B (Hons)
  • Joint Head of Chambers
  • Recorder (Crown Court) – registered to receive work by direct access and is authorised to practice in a dual capacity.
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Public Access Bar Association
  • CyberCrime Practitioners Association

Areas of Specialism

Serious Crime

He has extensive experience of conducting trials concerning the most serious criminal allegations, which include homicide, organised criminal activities and serious sexual offences.



Serious Fraud, Regulatory Law, Financial Services and FCA

He provides advice and guidance to commercial organisations, directors and professionals, in respect of professional regulators including the SRA and FCA regulation under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and the Conduct of Business Rules of UK Financial Services.

He advises on criminal and regulatory liabilities arising in the governance of companies, including bribery and corruption, accounting and money laundering regulations, asset forfeiture and recovery and corporate manslaughter. He has experience of ‘blue bag’ disclosure relating to legally privileged documentation in the course of inquest and investigation.

His practice includes advising on trade restrictions in restricted countries, Export Control Orders and sanctions relating to arms dealing.




He works with the Horizon Institute (SL) and Department for International Development (UK), he also advises the Chief Justice, Minister of Justice and Government of the Republic of Somaliland in respect of judicial training and the reform of the justice system and facilities within that country.

He has also advised clients and appeared in a number of cases in Grand Cayman.



Other Details

He has also led a team in Somaliland working for the Horizon Institute under the DFID scheme to rebuild and modernise the Justice System, revise laws, train the senior judiciary and advise the Chief Justice.