Commercial Law and Civil Fraud

Commercial Law and Civil Fraud

Charter Chambers has an active commercial dispute resolution practice. We work with individuals, small businesses, corporate and multinational clients advising them and resolving a wide range of commercial disputes. We represent clients in litigation, mediation, arbitration and negotiation. Charter Chambers provides robust advocacy on behalf of our clients in court but we understand that with many commercial disputes what happens out of court can be equally as important. We deliver practical advice that enables the client to understand their position, consider their options and make the right decisions.

Charter Chambers also undertakes a wide range of contentious and non-contentious consultancy and advisory work. We can provide assistance to businesses on dispute avoidance, business risk management and dispute resolution strategies. Several of our members have previously worked in the City and industry which brings valuable business experience.

Additionally, members are able to provide expert advice in the pre-dispute setting. Obtaining proper advice at this stage can prevent disputes arising at all, ultimately saving considerable cost.

Where matters cannot be mediated or otherwise resolved, Charter Chambers is able to offer the benefits of tactical advice and highly developed advocacy skills, both in trials and in the obtaining of interim relief and freezing orders.


Members of chambers are also able to call upon experience in personal and company insolvency proceedings, director disqualification and applications for winding up petitions in the public interest and employment law matters, with a particular emphasis on restraint of trade and confidentiality restrictions.

Charter Chambers has represented a number of individuals in sports disputes, from players in disciplinary tribunals to advising on contractual matters and disputes arising out of competition rules. Charter Chambers is well placed to meet the specific requirements arising from disputes in the Sports context.

In addition to necessary expertise in commercial, public, regulatory and disciplinary law, members of chambers understand the importance of reputation both with the wider public and within the sporting World. Acting in this area of law poses specific challenges whereby an understanding of the nature of competitive sport is a distinct asset. We benefit from having members with just such an understanding of their personal experiences and achievements.


Recent Cases

Significant Litigation Cases
  • Pemberton Greenish v. Jane Henry [2017] EWHC 246 (QB) – acted for insurer in subrogated claim for breach of contract and fiduciary duty
  • H&C v. CM (2016) – breach of contract and negligence dispute arising from the design and supply of plant and specialist equipment to a facility in the Middle East
  • The Football Association Premier League Limited v. R Ltd & DP & Barclays Bank PLC (2016) – defended a claim for Copyright infringement
  • HMRC v. Reteesh Pillai – County Court – defending a £10m MARD tax recovery claim brought by HMRC on behalf of the Italian Authorities
  • Surrey County Council v. Wootton & Ors – High Court – contempt of Court – defended proceedings
  • Piyush Mehta v. State Bank of India (County Court) – acted for the Bank defending claim for vicarious liability for unauthorised transactions by employee from claimant’s account pursuant to a private arrangements between the parties and failure to act on instructions
  • Kamal Hussain v. Ahfaz Miah (High Court) – acted for Claimant in claim for fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of constructive trust
  • Ten Alps Communications Limited v. Anton Jeffery – insolvency – application to injunct the presenting of a winding up petition
  • Madhloum v. Al-Helu – Acting for the Applicant – Injunction obtained to prevent dissipation of assets following breach of a property development trust agreement between the parties