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Call and Inn: 2001 Inner Temple


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Ranked in the Legal 500 2017: "He has the ability to grab the bull by the horns in cases of complexity".

Rajinder is an experienced barrister specialising in serious crime and regulatory law. He has been instructed in a wide range of cases including murder, multi million pound frauds and, organised criminal activity. More recently Rajinder has developed considerable experience in serious sex cases including allegations of rape, sex trafficking and cases involving children and mentally disabled witnesses. Rajinder’s practice is almost exclusively defence based. Many of the cases he has been involved in are high profile and have attracted both national and local media coverage.

Rajinder is a committed and persuasive jury advocate who firmly believes that to be successful in court, takes a great deal of time and preparation out of court. Instructing solicitors commend him for his hands on approach to every aspect of case preparation. Rajinder has experience in dealing with a wide range of experts including blood spatter, medical, handwriting, accounting, voice recognition and, facial mapping. He is able to advise on all aspects of disclosure (third-party, PII and RIPA).  

In regulatory matters Rajinder has appeared on behalf of the Nursing and Midwifery Council. He also regularly defends nurses and is instructed by the Royal College of Nurses. He is able to put clients at ease in what are often stressful situations where careers are at risk.

Rajinder accepts instructions through the direct access scheme. He has undertaken a large number of private road traffic cases through direct access, from driving without due care and attention to more complicated matters involving fatalities.  He has also received private instructions in serious criminal work including allegations of rape and violent disorder.

He is happy to accept instructions advising on appeal against sentence and conviction. Rajinder is also able to advise on judicial review applications. He has appeared a number of times successfully in the Court of Appeal and Administrative Court. 


Reported Cases

R (on application of Green & Green Scaffolding Co) v Staines Magistrates Court [2008] All ER (D) 211

Successful judicial review of magistrates’ decision to re-open a matter by wrongly using s142 of the MCA 1980 where the prosecuting agency had already withdrew the initial summons.


Case Summaries


R v JD and others (with Henry Grunwald QC)

This was a six- handed murder and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice trial that lasted four months at the Central Criminal Court. Rajinder represented the second defendant in what was a cut-throat case. This was a particularly harrowing murder where the victim was beaten to death over a number of hours, evidence was burnt and attempts made to mutilate the body.

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R v PJ and others (with Elroy Claxton)

This was one of the largest ever murder trials at the Central Criminal Court involving 12 defendants and lasting over four months. After successful cross-examination of the prosecution’s blood spatter expert, a half time submission was allowed and the jury directed to return a not guilty verdict against the defendant on all counts.

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Rv ST and others (with John Causer)

Rajinder represented the first defendant in an eight handed murder trial lasting five months at the Central criminal Court. Rajinder’s client was the leader of the notorious gang the East End Boys. This was a complicated case involving an informant. Extensive challenges to prosecution non-disclosure resulted in the first trial collapsing.


R v GD (with Henry Grunwald QC)

This was a high profile case involving allegations of multiple rapes. The defence obtained a computer expert mid trial to demonstrate that a prosecution witness had tampered with and edited video footage that was adduced during the trial. The defence case was that these were malicious allegations by a spurned lover. The defendant was found not guilty on all counts.

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R v AH

This was a case that involved an allegation of rape by a deputy manager of a care home, of a severely mentally disabled patient in his care. Mr. Hosein was found not guilty of all charges after a trial. This was a highly sensitive case involving the cross examination of a very vulnerable complainant. It also involved the cross examination of a number of medical experts.

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R v JS and others

Rajinder successfully represented Mr. Sambi on a number of allegations involving allegations of sex trafficking and sexual activity with children. This was a complicated case involving in excess of 17 000 pages. The case resulted from a complex police investigation in respect of vulnerable children in the care of social services. The preparation of the defence case necessitated analysis of cell-site evidence, phone records and, ANPR records. There was also a large volume of third party material to examine, some of which formed the basis for the cross-examination of child witnesses. The co-defendant was convicted and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.

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R v NL

This was a harrowing allegation of rape at a party in Oxford. The defendant was alleged to have forced the complainant and her friend to take a cocktail of drugs including Valium. He was acquitted of that charge. But he was convicted of raping the victim and assaulting her friend. He was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment.

R v WB

Rajinder appeared for a defendant charged with the double rape of two sisters. After continued requests for disclosure by Rajinder concerning social services records, school records and counselling records it was discovered that one of the complainants had made allegations against a schoolteacher. After careful written submissions the prosecution offered no evidence on the first day of trial. 


R v MC and others

Rajinder represented the main defendant in a multi handed immigration fraud involving sham marriages between illegal migrants and French Ghanaian nationals. This was a highly sophisticated fraud involving the exploitation of proxy wedding ceremonies in Ghana with a view to abusing UK immigration rules on the genuine basis of spousal connection. It was a fraud on an industrial scale. The defendant at the time was a solicitor who put to criminal uses his knowledge of immigration law.

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R v K and others (with Roderick James)

This was the notorious ‘Body in the Boot” trial at the Central Criminal Court. The defendant was alleged to have fraudulently stripped the victim of her assets after her murder. The defendant was found not guilty.

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R V RY & Others

A multi handed multi million pound insurance fraud (cash for crash) that attracted wide spread national media attention. Rajinder was led junior counsel for the second defendant. Operation Scarp was one of the largest and most complicated investigations concerning insurance fraud involving accident claims. This was a document heavy case with well over 10 000 pages.

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R v GH and others

This was a prolonged and sophisticated fraud carried out by a senior employee at the DWP. The defendant was responsible for deciding claims for emergency support. Over a number of years he paid out dozens of bogus claims, that he had created himself in collusion with others. This was a complicated case with thousands of pages. It involved lengthy cross-examination of a handwriting expert. All of the defendants were convicted.

Other serious crime

R v TA

This was a case that concerned a violent and brazen armed robbery of a bank in London. The defendants wearing ski masks and carrying knives and claw hammers robbed a bank in broad daylight whilst slashing a female cashier’s face. This was a carefully planned robbery that involved the tampering of the number plate of the get away car in an attempt to avoid detection.

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R v JM and others

Rajinder was led junior counsel for the main defendant in an eight-handed drugs importation case. The case lasted for over three months. The case involved extensive challenges to voice recognition evidence and facial mapping evidence. There was a vast amount of covert surveillance evidence including probe evidence. Rajinder successfully represented the defendant alone at confiscation proceedings reducing the available amount from over £300 000 to just under £40 000 after submissions.

R v RA & Others (Winchester CC 2010)

Rajinder was led junior counsel in a complicated four handed cigarette importation case. The case involved extensive covert surveillance including observation and probe evidence. Rajinder represented the defendant alone at confiscation proceedings.