Charter offers an important and valuable service directly to corporate clients.

This service enables companies, partnerships, public bodies and individuals to access the highest quality commercial advice from experienced criminal advocates as a first step in the advisory process to assist them in ensuring compliance with the increasing obligations that the law is placing on them. Our advice will assist avoiding inadvertent infractions rather than discovering errors at a later stage where significantly greater financial and reputational costs may be incurred.

Responsible organisations understand that good corporate governance means a top-down approach is essential to deliver change and are responding accordingly, putting in place procedures, internal rules and training programs to deliver the modern approach, which are reviewed and monitored to maintain relevance and effectiveness. Such organisations will require those with whom they deal to have in place similar procedures as a condition precedent to doing business. No business can afford to be complacent therefore.

We believe that the key to successful compliance is to apply at all times the dictum 'prevention is better than a cure'.

The advantages of Charter’s service are:

  • All our advisory teams are led by one of our Q.C.s who have extensive experience in commercial crime acquired from advising in corporate investigations, and dealing with potential and actual court cases.  We are therefore excellently placed to assist executive and non-executive management avoid potential risks or minimise on-going issues that may arise from the law, whether such risks involve individual or corporate liability.
  • Our project teams can include as a project manager a barrister with lengthy experience of consultancy projects with FTSE companies, banks and similarly-sized unlisted organisations around the world.  We have experience in running successful assignments, not only delivering excellent results but also minimising the management time and resources companies need to devote to such obligations.
  • Our services do not cut across companies’ existing relationships with their solicitors and accountants.  Our service augments that provided by other professional advisors. We prefer to liaise with companies’ existing advisors, rather than seeking to supplant them. 

Charter has been engaged with number of major international companies in the financial services, manufacturing and resources sectors resulting in the following comments:

  • “I had no idea that members of the Bar could provide a service of this sort directly to companies”
  • “The concept of companies being able to have a totally confidential discussion with a Silk who has extensive courtroom experience of financial crime, is very attractive to companies”
  • “We asked the Charter Chambers team to advise on a really troubling commercial issue, with potential bribery implications, and it came up with a practical solution in short order”
  • “We are interested in engagement terms that give us Charter’s commercial crime specialists on call”.

Engagement terms for Charter’s service can be tailored.  Some organisations may want retainer terms, whereas others will want to use our services on a fixed price basis, as and when needed.

If you have any queries regarding our Commercial Group’s services, would like further information or want to speak with the Charter Commercial Group team, please contact us. A member of our team will be happy to discuss with you your specific requirements.