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Charter is one of the country’s leading chambers for criminal law.

Our reputation is founded on our experience across the full spectrum of criminal cases. We advise and provide representation from the earliest stages of an investigation, through trial and to the highest levels of appeal.

Charter is renowned for the exceptional quality of our advocacy and strategic advisory guidance. In all cases our members combine thorough, informed and proactive preparation and advice, with robust and fearless representation. Our approachability and client-friendliness makes Charter the first choice for many involved in the criminal justice process. National and international law firms regularly instruct us.

We appear throughout the United Kingdom and internationally in high-profile, sensitive and complex criminal cases including fraud [For further information see Fraud, Corporate Crime, Bribery & Corruption, murder, serious and organised crime and sexual crimes. Recent cases include:


  • R. v. Bikubi ( The Witchcraft Case)
  • R. v. Nwokeh (Victoria Tube Case)
  • R. v. Bishop (Murder of Robert Knox the Harry Potter actor)
  • R. v. Vincent (First use of a AK47 in a murder in the UK)
  • R. v. Carty & Brown (Murder of city solicitor Thomas Ap Rhys-Pryce)
  • R. v. Omari Roberts (Killing the burglar case)
  • R. v. Yenga (“MDP” gangland case)
  • R. v. Hodgson-Walker (“Honey Trap” case)
  • R. v. Mahmood (An honour killing case)
  • R. v. Colin Gunn (Mr & Mrs Stirland murder case)

Serious & Organised Crime

  • R. v. Calderwood (Graff diamond Robbery)
  • R. v. Strachan (Royal blackmail trial)
  • R. v. Wright (‘The Milkman’ trial who had been on the run for 11 years. Members of Charter also appeared in the original Op Extend trial, the largest importation of cocaine in the UK, R. v. Soares & Others for his son and associates)
  • R. v. Adeel (Revenge acid attack case)
  • R. v. Sheik Abdullah el Faisal (Hate Muslim cleric case)
  • R. v. Sammon (Armourer to the underworld case)
  • R. v. Martins (The News of the World ‘Fake Sheik’ red mercury case)
  • R. v. McMillian (The only western escapee of the famous ‘Bangkok Hilton’ prison)

Sexual Crimes

  • R. v. X (Rape of a 4 year old girl by a 14 year old boy 'corrupted by internet pornography')
  • R. v. Haynes (Solider who abducted and raped five teenage girls)
  • R. v. Marchese (The  stalking case – dramatized on television in “U Be Dead”)

Appeal Work

  • R. v. Hodgson (Erroneous conviction overturned after 21 years imprisonment)
  • R. v. Hunniset (Murder appeal)
  • R. v. Van Hoogstraten (Manslaughter appeal)
  • R. v. Palmer (‘Goldfinger’ confiscation appeal)
  • R. v. Edwards (CCRC 21 year old murder appeal)
  • R. v. Chattoo (Murder appeal based on expert evidence)


  • The Queen v. Kirkland Henry (Grand Cayman, Murder)
  • The Queen v. Ebanks (Grand Cayman, Murder)
  • The Queen v. R (Grand Cayman, Murder)
  • The Queen v. Lewis (Bermuda, Murder)
  • The Queen v. Cervio Cox (Bermuda, Murder)
  • The Queen v. Sanchey Grant (Bermuda, Murder)
  • The Queen v. Antonio Myers (Bermuda, Murder)
  • The Queen v. Birchall & Symons (Bermuda, Murder)
  • The Queen v. Grant & Blakney (Bermuda, Murder)
  • DPP v. McCarthy & Dunden (Dublin, Eire)
  • The TCI fraud and corruption trial

For further information see International.

Charter accepts instructions directly from individuals, commercial organisations and public authorities, through Direct Public Instruction.