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Charter is one of the country’s leading criminal specialist sets in the fields of fraud, corporate crime, bribery, corruption, insider dealing, money laundering and cartels.

Allegations in these areas of law result in personal and commercial reputations being put at risk and frequently give rise to lengthy, expensive investigations and litigation. We offer sound practical legal advice and strong representation from the beginning of an investigation. We develop with our clients a strategy that shapes the outcome of the case. We frequently advise on the legality of search warrants, the seizure of privileged material, and requirements to produce material.

National and international firms regularly use our services. We also accept direct instructions from the general public and corporate clients. We are well attuned to electronic management and presentation of evidence.

The impact of criminal legislation in the commercial world has never been more important to businesses and individuals than it is now. The Bribery Act 2010 extends the jurisdiction of the UK courts outside the normal territorial limits, to include individuals who have a close connection to the UK and businesses which have a presence in the UK, anywhere in the world. In non-contentious areas we provide tailored advice to clients, assisting and enabling them to do business with confidence in the UK and internationally, minimising the possibility of any inadvertent criminal infractions.

Charter’s work in these areas brings with it significant experience in advising clients on ancillary restraint and complex confiscation orders. We assist clients in criminal and civil litigation where the effect of restraint is often the very first real impact felt by a client after the commencement of an investigation.  For more information on our work in this area see Restraint, Confiscation & Civil.  

Charter has been involved in some of the most sensitive and complex fraud and corporate crime cases in the last 20 years. Recent examples include:


  • Libor- Tom Hayes, the first and most important Libor case in the world
  • ‘Lord Davenport’ Advance Fee Fraud (SFO)
  • Imperial Consolidated (SFO)
  • The Landfill Tax Fraud (SFO)
  • The Ikea Fraud and corruption case (SFO)
  • The BCCI Banking Collapse (SFO)
  • Dunblane Firearm Amnesty Fraud (CPS Serious Casework) 
  • Chesterfield FC Collapse (SFO)
  • ILA learning Frauds (CPS Serious Casework)
  • Mortgage Frauds arising from the collapse of a solicitors firm (SFO)
  • The Rotherham Council Fraud (CPS Serious Casework)
  • Northern Advance Fee Fraud laundering Proceedings through Northern Cyprus (SFO)
  • Alleged Money Bureau laundering (£220 million, HMRC)

Bribery & Corruption

  • SFO prosecuted alleged corruption and bribery prosecution against two former Directors
  • Corruption of London Underground Staff
  • Alleged Corruption of MOD Staff for contracts
  • Advising an overseas Agent on corruption allegations in a large petro chemical company
  • Advice to a City Insurance company on specific bribery compliance
  • Pharmaceutical corruption arising from manufacturing agreements
  • Corruption concerning the construction of Devonport Nuclear Submarine Base


  • R. v. George (The BA/ Virgin Price Fixing case.)
  • R. v. Kent Pharmaceuticals (SFO largest prosecution ever. Allegation of cartel activity)
  • Presently advising on a criminal investigation into a suspected cartel.





Insider Dealing, Boiler Rooms

  • Operation Tabernula (the largest FCA Insider Dealing prosecution to date)
  • The “City Slickers” (Daily Mirror Insider Dealing)
  • R. v. Mustafa (Operation Saturn. Then the FSA’s largest Insider Dealing prosecution)
  • R. v. Wilmot & McInerney, (FSA ‘boiler room’ and money laundering prosecutions (see also confiscation restraint))
  • R. v. Yazdanian (FSA boiler room)

Revenue Frauds & MTIC (Missing Trader Intra Community Frauds)

  • Operation Ghast (HMRC – loss £15m)
  • Operation Vaulter (HMRC – loss £20 million)
  • Operation Shepard (HMRC – loss £7 million)
  • Operation Dowell (HMRC - loss £15 million)
  • Operation Elemi (R v Bedesha 1)
  • Operation Hayrick (R v Bedesha 2 HMRC loss £26 million)
  • Alleged Pensions fraud (HMRC - loss £20m)

With our Corporate Advice and Assistance team Charter assists commercial organisations, public bodies and individuals in meeting the challenges presented by anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation and regulation. We can assess the risk to clients in domestic and international markets, develop strategies to deal with those risks and advise on client specific measures to ensure compliance with the requirement to have 'adequate procedures' in place. We offer relevant training from board-level downwards when required. Charter also can lead internal inquiries for commercial organisations and provide representation and advice in cases of self-referral to the regulators and in any related proceedings before the Courts both in the UK and internationally.

Our Knowledge Shared

Charter members regularly contribute articles to relevant professional media. We are contributors to the Practical Law Company Practice Notes in this area of work. We give lectures and provide continuing practice development to legal and other professionals.